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Digging into disabilities

When reflecting on favorite projects my work for Boeing on National Disability Month rises to the top. The best jobs are the ones where you do good work with great people and learn something about yourself along the way. This was definitely one of those projects!

Working with Katherine Rohlfing, Nicole Joseph, Rosemary Lane, and many others, we set out to foster a diverse, collaborative, inclusive and global workplace by raising awareness and creating an environment of inclusion where our employees of all abilities feel valued and fully engaged. Specifically for National Disability Month my goal was to provide access, educate and drive company-wide accountability. To do that we:

- shared stories of employees like Tamika and Ashley, in their own words

- created an infographic for managers and employees

- provided tipsheets for starting conversations

- started a conversation internally and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter

- drove leadership engagement throughout the company

We succeeded and we learned about our own issues, concerns and unconscious bias' along the way.

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